Best Car Glass Cleaners 2018 – Full Buyer’s Guide

Household window cleaners simply aren’t designed to meet the cleaning needs of your automotive glass. It’s frustrating finishing an excellent detail or polish on your paintwork and then having to look at a streaky windscreen. It’s also frightening to endanger your life because of sun glare on that streaky windscreen.

By choosing a high-quality automotive glass cleaner, you can improve the appearance of your car, prevent chemical damage and, most importantly, help to ensure your safety on the road.


Quality automotive glass cleaners differ from those designed for household windows in that they contain no ammonia or other harmful chemicals which can break down tints, rubber seals and the leather or vinyl interior of your car. The best glass cleaners use gentler chemicals and perfume grade alcohol to protect the delicate parts of your car while still giving your windscreen an effective clean.

Automotive glass cleaners come in a number of different forms including concentrates, aerosol sprays, trigger bottles and disposable wipes. Aerosols and triggers are excellent for people who are pressed for time but require a streak-free finish, concentrates take a little more time but will clean large areas of glass effectively and mean that you’ve always got a supply on hand. Pre-treated wipe glass cleaners are newer to the market but early reviews suggest that they are convenient to use and produce a satisfactory result.

Read on to find out why using household window cleaners isn’t safe for you or for your car!


Improve your Visibility for Driving:
Having a clear view of the road at all times is the most important safety consideration while driving and a dirty, streaky windscreen can prevent this. When the sun hits a streaky windscreen, visibility can be drastically reduced. When you operate your wipers on a dirty windscreen, the mess is smeared everywhere and driving in slippery conditions becomes even more hazardous. A completely clear, streak-free windscreen is essential for your safety.

Improve the Appearance of your Car:
If you like to spend time washing, cutting, polishing and waxing your car, you should definitely also be paying attention to your windscreen. Clear, gleaming glass will put the finishing touch on perfect paintwork. The best glass cleaners should make glass so clear that you hardly know it’s there.

Do the Job Once for a Streak-Free Finish:
Modern life is busy. You don’t want to be returning to your windscreen again and again because you “missed a spot”. A quality automotive glass cleaner should provide a completely streak-free finish the first time you use it without hours of rubbing and buffing.

Will Not Damage Tints, Wipers and Interior Fixtures:
High quality automotive glass cleaners do not contain ammonia. This is a benefit because ammonia will slowly deteriorate any tints on your windows or windscreen and could also cause damage to rubber seals and your car’s interior. Choosing a product that is specially designed for use with cars will mean that your car is protected from unnecessary damage.


Does it Contain Harmful Chemicals?
Carefully read the ingredients of the product. If there’s any hint of ammonia, you should avoid using it on your car. Other aspects to look for are whether any alcohol used is of perfume grade and whether all chemicals used are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

What are your Car’s Specific Needs?
If your car has tinted glass, you will need to be doubly careful about the chemical ingredients of the glass cleaner you choose. You should also take into account whether you intend to use it on the interior as well as the exterior (you need more control for interior cleaning and may want to consider a trigger bottle or disposable wipes). The area of glass you have to clean and the type of mess that ends up on the glass is also important: aerosol cleaners are great for city cars with day to day dust and grime while utility vehicles are better with a heavy duty concentrate.

How Much Time do you Have for Car Washing?
In addition, the time you want to spend cleaning your car will affect your choice. For some of us, cleaning the car is a Saturday ritual and time and loving attention are taken on every aspect. For others, washing the windscreen is simply a practical safety matter and should be done as quickly as possible. Disposable wipes are an attractive option for the latter, while the former may prefer the precision and control of mixing their own concentrate.

Is it from a Reputable Brand with Favorable Customer Reviews?
Taking the time to peruse what real customers say about a product will tell you a lot about its quality and effectiveness. Below are 5 of the top rated glass cleaners on the current market and a brief review of why customers trust these products with their windscreens.

Top 5 Car Glass Window Cleaners 2018

1. SprayWay 050 Aerosol Glass Cleaner:

SprayWay Glass Cleaner

SprayWay Glass Cleaner

This cleaner is ranked number 1 because after more than 300 customer reviews it maintains an impressive 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

It is completely ammonia free and promises to dissolve dirt, dust and grime without deteriorating parts of your car or leaving film or streaks on the surface. Customers who reviewed it said it was fast, easy and effective to use.




2. Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner:

Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner

Stoner 91164 Invisible Glass Cleaner

This product, also an aerosol, comes a close second because it has an overall rating of 4.7 stars after nearly 500 reviews. It does not contain soaps, perfumes, dyes or ammonia.

Stoner’s promise to their customers is that glass will be so clean it’s invisible and more than 80% of its customers were so satisfied with the way it lived up to this promise that they rated it the full 5 stars.

3. Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger:

 Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger

Rain-X Glass Treatment Trigger

This product is very popular among people who live in colder areas or those with high rainfall as it contains agents that repel rain and significantly improve wet weather driving conditions.

After nearly 400 reviews, it maintains a 4.6 star consumer rating.

4. Megiuar’s D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate:

Megiuar's D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Megiuar’s D12001 Glass Cleaner Concentrate

People with large vehicles that need frequent cleaning love this heavy duty concentrate and its users give it an average rating of 4.6 stars.

It is a professional grade product that can deal with bug spatter, bird droppings, dust, grime, mud and anything else that ends up on automotive glass.


5. Stoner 90164-6PK ‘Invisible Glass’ Glass Cleaner Wipes:

Stoner 90164-6PK 'Invisible Glass' Glass Cleaner Wipes

Stoner 90164-6PK Glass Cleaner Wipes

This product is fairly new to the market, so it doesn’t have the volume of reviews that the other products do. But the fact that its first 6 reviewers all rate it the full 5 stars is a promising sign of its quality.

It aims to combine the effectiveness of Stoner’s trusted streak-free clean with the convenience of a pre-treated wipe.