Bora Bora – An Island Paradise

This island is known for being a romatic getaway with its white sand and crystal clear waters, but few people know very much about it, for instance did you know it is part of France? These are a few other things you may not know about this tiny Tahitian islandBottom of Form

It’s actually called PoraPora

The original settlers named the island PoraPora, meaning ‘first born’ and there is no B in the Polynesian language. However the first European visitors that settled there misheard the name of the island and it’s been Bora Bora ever since.

Wear a flower to flirt

A flower worn behind the left ear signifies that you have a significant other in your life, however one behind the right ear shows that you are single and available for a little bit of flirting. With half of the population on the island below 20 years old, there will be plenty of beautiful youngsters about to catch your eye.

You’ll have to make your own way about

There isn’t any public transport on the island, but as its only 29 square kilometers this isn’t really a problem. You can rent a car, bike or little two person buggy if you want to travel further than your feet can manage.

Tattooing is an art form

The art of tattooing has grown in popularity again amongst the 9000 residents of Bora Bora. It has always been an important cultural art, tattoos were used to show the position of people in society and considered to be beautiful.

The sea life is amazing

Snorkeling and diving are very popular off the coast of the island which isn’t surprising with all the many hundreds of animals to be seen including turtles, sharks manta rays and all kinds of tropical fish.

There are no pests

This will be a very welcome fact to anyone who attracts bugs on holiday, the island is totally free of insects and poisonous snakes so you can stroll wherever you like without getting attacked by bugs; what could be more heavenly than that?

One of the top 10

Matira beach on Bora Bora was listed as number eight of the world’s top 100 beaches according to CNN, and if you can’t trust them who can you trust? They described the gorgeous white sandy beach as almost too good to be believed.

With so much going for the island it is surprising that it hasn’t sunk under the sheer weight of visitors. If you can’t make it out there right now, then catch a glimpse of this island paradise in films such as Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn and Kristen Bell which was filmed at the St Regis Resort, the finale of one of the Bachelorette series and if you get desperate three episodes of in season six of Keeping up with the Kardashians.