Brazils World Cup Host Cities

With all eyes on Brazil recently for the football world cup, you’d be excused for thinking there isn’t much else going on in the country. These are a few other things that each host city has to offer.


Right on the Atlantic coast, this city has the largest water park in Latin America – Beach Park. It has a host of restaurants and resorts, as well as all kinds of water slides including Insano, which was the world’s tallest at one point.


This cities claim to fame is being home to the largest cashew tree in the world, which may not seem that impressive, but it is almost two acres in size. You won’t see the nuts growing on it though, cashew nuts are the seeds from the cashew apple fruit which tastes great and is packed with vitamin C.


The official capital of Brazil has loads to offer culture and history lovers with the National Congress building and the home of the President as well as the Cathedral of Brasilia. The cathedral itself has amazing architecture including a huge stained glass roof.


This is the capital of the Amazonas state, right near the Amazonian rainforest. This makes Manaus an ideal location for wildlife lovers; take a boat trip out to The Meeting of the Waters which is the point where the Negro and Solimoes rivers meet and run side by side without mixing; they are different colours so the split is clear and makes a really cool effect.


The Centre of Salvador is a UNESCO World Heritage site and so a great place for history buffs to potter around for the day. There is plenty to see, including monuments dating back as far as the 1600’s.

This culture filled city is known as the Brazilian Venice as it has loads of waterways throughout the city centre. Recife is packed with museums, galleries and theatres and has a European feel with


This city is ideally placed for exploring the Pantanal; the world’s largest wetland area. Take a tour by boat or horseback and spot huge anacondas, bright macaws and the world’s largest rodent, the capybara. If you’re really lucky you may i=even glimpse the elusive jaguar.


The best way to see this city is on the hop on, hop off bus tour which takes you round all of the 25 most interesting sights in Curitiba.

Belo Horizonte

Get a bird’s eye view of the whole city with a trip up the Torre Alta Vila. Relax in the Sky Lounge and take in the view; in good conditions you can see the Minas Gerais mountains way in the distance.

Sao Paulo

A gourmets paradise; stroll round the Mercado Municipal and pick up the locally produced fresh and dried foods. Then relax in a streetside restaurant and enjoy some authentic local dishes.

Rio De Janeiro
Most famous for its carnival, this is the best time of year to visit the city to experience the amazing parades, costumes and parties. You won’t be bored the rest of the year either; take a cable car ride up Sugar Loaf Mountain to see God’s finger and the views of Rio below.

Porto Alegre
The must see attraction in Porto Alegre is Lake Guaiba, with great views of the sunset. Get a boat out onto the lake, or stroll along the shore as the sun sets over the horizon.

Brazil has loads to offer aside from football, so if you missed visiting during the world cup, get a trip booked now instead.