Ecotourism Vacations, This Will be Your Best Vacation Ever!

Many people are looking for ways to be more responsible with regard to their effect on the environment in their daily lives, and this includes the choices we make when we are looking for our next holiday destination. There are lots of ways to reduce the damage you are inflicting on the planet as you go about your day, and when you pick a holiday you can chose not only an eco friendly travel method but also eco friendly accommodation and activities while you are enjoying your break. These are a few places you can chose that won’t leave too much of a lasting impression. . . on the planet at least

Canopy Tower in Panama

This treetop paradise lets you live sky high with the birds and tree dwelling animals. There are all kinds of activities to do, but the best part is getting up close and personal with the animals; sloths, tamarins, howler monkeys and all kinds of birds are regular visitors. If you ever get bored with the tree tops take a zip line through the forest and then take a tour to the local ruins or stroll in the forest with the butterflies.

Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize

Up in the treetops again, this time you can go for a basic back to nature room with no electricity, or a luxury version if you’d rather have a few home comforts. Set in 365 acres of rainforest preserve the Lodge has plenty to do; trails through the rainforest, horse back rides, canoe trips on the Macal River and a butterfly farm are just a few of the options. You can also take day trips to the local village of San Ignacio and the Mayan pyramids at Xunantunich amongst other local attractions. The resort runs as environmentally friendly as possible, and gives a portion of its profits back tot eh local community so you can feel good whilst you holiday.

Masai Mara Ecotours and Gorilla Trek in Kenya & Rwanda

Ecotours has plenty of options around the globe, and this is one of the best. Part of the revenue is donated to the local gorilla projects, and the company is committed to using local staff and resources wherever possible. This tour takes you on safaris to the Masi Mari, and then up into the Volcanoes National park in Rwanda to visit the Mountain Gorilla tribes and the Golden monkey colonies.

Feynan Ecolodge in Jordan

This lodge resort is dedicated to making the most of as many ecologically sound principles as possible; all the electricity and hot water comes from solar power, and wherever possibly everything is reused, recycled or composted. The staff are from the local community and almost all the food is produced locally. There are all kinds of animals and plants to see around the site, as well as archaeological sites and hiking trails.

There are so many other eco holidays available; India Ecotours Tiger Safari takes you deep into the tiger’s natural habitat amongst the temples and historic sites of Corbett and Bandhavgarh national parks, and Ecotours in Madagascar puts you up close and personal with all of the unique flora and fauna that the island has to offer. There are all kinds of eco friendly ways to holiday, just a little research will help you find the perfect one for you.