Hawaii on a Budget, YES it is Possible!

You may think that a holiday to Hawaii will cost a fortune, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. With a bit of planning a head and imagination you can have an amazing holiday on these gorgeous islands and still be able to pay your rent. And you can also fly to Hawaii for $5 (a must read)

Shop around for somewhere to sleep

We’d love to stay at a beachfront hotel, but if you are looking for a cheaper option there are plenty of great places to stay a little way inland. Consider a holiday home or self catering apartments; these are generally more spacious than a hotel room and you’ll have the facilities to cook for yourself as well. Many villas have their own pools, two or three bedrooms as well as a sofa bed in the living room; club together with friends and you’ll be able to split the cost between you.

Cook for yourself

As long as you have the facilities to cook your own meals, this is a great way to save money. If you don’t have accommodation with a kitchen, getting take out will also come cheaper than sitting in a restaurant and the food will be just as good. If you are sharing a villa with friends, take turns to cook a meal for the whole group; try local fresh fish, caught and bought in the morning and then thrown on a barbecue, it’ll taste delicious. Head out to a farmers market for a great breakfast, and as the locals for recommendations when it comes to eating out; they are sure to know the best places that offer good value for money.

Be your own guide, TRUST US

Rather than paying for someone to take you on a guided tour, why not plan your own? Get hold of a map, and decide where you want to go, then plan your route. Renting a car between a group will be much cheaper than paying for individual tour bus passes, and you can go where you want and take your time rather than working to someone else’s schedule. There are often coupons for attractions in free brochures at the airport, so grab leaflets for things that you want to do, just in case.
For really cheap transport get the island public transport bus; you can get a hop on hop off ticket that lasts a day or a week for just a few dollars.

Immerse yourself in nature

There are so many natural sights on all of the islands that don’t cost a thing; grab a snorkeling map for the island you are on an feed the fish; you can buy fish food at many beaches cheaply. Take a hike through the wilder parts of the islands; try the Black Pipe trail or Kalalau Trail on Kauai, or the Hoapili trail on Maui which takes you across lava fields and beaches along its route.

There is so much to do in Hawaii that won’t cost you anything; surf the waves, snorkel with the turtles or just stroll through the local markets and soak up the local culture.