How to Beat Airport Boredom

There are many reasons why you might be stuck in an airport terminal from waiting for a delayed flight to a long layover that you couldn’t avoid. Airport terminals aren’t the most exciting place to be, and if you are stuck the wrong side of security you can’t even take in the local sights. There is only so much overpriced food you can eat, and designer shops you can browse, so here are a few ways to make the most of your time sat around in an airport lounge.

Pack well

Make sure your hand luggage has a few things in it to while away unexpected delays; bring an extra book, make sure your handheld games console or tablet is fully charged and you have a few good puzzles to do if you like that kind of thing. It’s also handy to have a snack and a water bottle that you can fill if you are sticking to a budget and want to avoid having to buy expensive airport food.

Plan Ahead

If you know that you are going to be waiting a while, plan a few things to do. Save the report you have to write for this time, or catch up on a few letters to relatives or friends; you generally have free Wi-Fi for an hour or so at most major hubs so no need to pay for internet access. If you have loads of time then see if the local area has anything for you to do; visit a museum, aquarium or shopping mall if they are near enough to the airport.

Freshen Up and Chill out

Many major airports have showers, or simply wash your face a freshen your make up to make yourself feel a little less travel weary. If you have the time there are often express manicures, facials and massages available in airports so why not treat yourself?

Clean up and Catch up

Check your email inbox and answer all those mails you’ve been meaning to get round to, or call your mum for a chat. Delete old photos and messages from your phone, camera and tablet to make space for all the new ones, and update your facebook page or blog if you have one.

Research your trip

Use the free internet time to research your final destination; look for maps, tips from other travelers on what to do and where to go, as well as the best places to eat or drink. This will save you time when you arrive as well as build your excitement for the trip ahead.

With a bit of planning you can beat the boredom of a long lay over; if you really have nothing else to do then catch a nap, but make sure you set an alarm with plenty of time to get to your gate for the next flight, don’t rely on waking up naturally. The final thing to remember is to check the time and gate for your next flight regularly; both may change, especially if you are delayed and it would be a shame to miss your flight.