Paint The Town Red: Belgrade, Serbia- Things To Do

In human body, water amounts to two thirds of our entire body weight.  In Belgrade, water amounts to the two thirds of the entire Belgrade happenings. Therefore, my suggestion to you my fellow travelers, if you want to experience Belgrade to the fullest, stay on the Sava and Danube riverbanks, or at least near it.

View from kalamegdan sunset


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Start your day by picking up breakfast at Trpkovic bakery which is located on Slavija Square, 32 Nemanjina Street. This street heads down from Slavija to the main entrance to the Railway station.  Why this place? In addition to a century long tradition in baking and pastries, it offers delicious food for a budget price. I strongly encourage you to try the following for breakfast: one quarter of the pizza burek, a couple of mini hazelnut spread croissants and orange juice.  There is no better way for fueling yourself up for the day I am just about to suggest to you.

Bike tour around belgrade


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Now, let’s return to the riverbanks. I would suggest takinga tour of bicycle trails 25 May and Ada Ciganlija. This is about nine miles long path in one direction, offering you a great prospect of New Belgrade riverbank, the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, the Belgrade Citadel, bridges, and the floating barges known as “splavovi.”In addition, what makes this trail even more special is that it offers the possibility of tracking the expansion of the city from the Citadel to the industrial, residential and finally recreational area at Ada Ciganlija. The starting point is in Dorcol. From there you could rent a bike for the entire day for the price of 400 dinars (about 3.5 euros) and bike your soul out. You can reach it from Slavija by taking either the bus 24 in Njegoseva Street (stop “Cvetni trg”) which will take you directly to the last stop in Dorcol, or taking the tram number 2 just a little way up from Trpkovic bakery and get off at “Kralja Petra” stop , cross the street and get on bus 24. The tram is not a bad option, since you will get a chance to get a tour of part of old Belgrade houses and buildings.

usually full when night coves the city. Pinokio

Should you decide to bike on Zemun Quay, check out “Pinokio”, a fast food place that can rightly boast of the best pancakes in the entire country.Its rich menu include crepes with both sweet and “salty” filling. If you have a sweet tooth, thetaste of harmonious blend of almonds, hazelnut spread and raspberry or cherry topping will blow your mind away. Moreover, you can choose your own filling and play with tastes.  Do not be intimidated by the quite simple exterior design, the food is completely safe and delicious, and cheap as well.


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Once back in old Belgrade, take a stroll along the walls of the Belgrade Citadel. The confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers has served as a perfect strategic position to build the Belgrade Citadel back in 300 BC, around which the city expanded in the centuries to come. It is in these very walls that you can find the traces of Antic Romans, Ottoman Turks, Austrians and Serbs. There is an air of reverie surrounding and invading every inch of the citadel paths, those revealed and those secret and hidden. As for the latter, some mystery should be solved by the tour of the Belgrade Citadel underground, an intertwined grid of tunnels, caves and caverns, walled rivers and roman wells. The tour in English costs 12 euros, and it includes the services of a guide and a wine brunch.Combined together, these two tours will give you an insight into Serbian turbulent history and show the remains of the cultures and nations that once ruled and shape this city.

Tvrdjava cafe kalemegdan

Should you feel thirsty during this stroll, visit Tvrdjava café and pizzeria. It is located next to Jaksic’s Tower, open-year round as lounge bar and during the summer as a lounge club. What is special about this place is the view it offers. It is a perfect spot to enjoy the vista of the confluence, New Belgrade, and Great War Island. Some wine and cheese in the late afternoon, from here you can enjoy a romantic sunset and all the red nuances bathing in the rivers and the sky.  As for the partying, I can just say that this place is one of the greatest clubs in Belgrade during summer.  Affordable prices, great DJs, great choice of music and of course the always-in-the-mood-for-partying customers is a good recipe for a great night out.

anothe shot of tvrdjava cafe


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To experience traditional way of partying, head towards Skadarlija, Belgrade bohemian quarter. The street is lined up with traditional taverns in which you can eat good traditional food, which usually includes spicy minced meat, coleslaw and toasted bread and drink rakia, traditional alcoholic drink. The most notorious one is “sljivovica”, which is made of plums, but “dunja,” rakia made of quinces, is not lacking behind. For 5 euros tip to the ensemble, you can have them perform the song you like at your table while you and your friends enjoy it.

Skadarlija street restaurants

The only place that breaks the line of tradition in this street is Red Bar, another amazing place that is a must to visit. Why going out here? Firstly, the atmosphere is great, if you are in a mood to chill out, you can do so with a bottle of beer and laid back in your chair. If you feel like dancing the night away, you can also do so enjoying the cocktails which are a. cheap and b. big. What I like about this place is the relaxed atmosphere and the hospitality of the stuff. If you are not sure what would you like to drink, just find the waiter Miki and explain him what kind of a taste you like. He does wonders.

party in belgrade Serbia

If you do not feel that partying is over for you at 2 a.m. check out the tavern “Ko to tamo peva” which is located at the bottom of Skadarska Street next to the restaurant “Velika Skadralija.” The music and the atmosphere is great, and you can usually find students and young people hanging out here.

Visiting Belgrade is all about enjoying, indulgence and giving yourself in for this hedonistic pleasure. The name of the city literally translated means “white city”. So, paint it red!