Reasons to Visit Argentina

Argentina is the second largest country in South America after Brazil, and the eighth largest in the whole world. It has a huge variety of landscape with mountain, beaches and open grasslands, and some fascinating culture and historical sites. These are just a few of the many reasons to visit


There is all kinds of wildlife to be seen in Argentina, the diverse landscape is home to an equally diverse population of animals and plants. The grassy Valdes Peninsula is great for spotting guanacos, rhea and the large, harelike mare. Head to the coast for some great diving, and you’ll see breeding Southern Right whales, penguins and other sea mammals. The Ibera wetlands offer a rare habitat which is home to many species of birds, caiman, marsh deer, maned wolves and the world’s largest rodent in the shape of the capybara. There really is a huge variety of animal life all in one country

Buenos Aires

This famous city lives up to its reputation as the lively birthplace of the tango, and there are many clubs and memorabilia in the region of La Boca, as well as the brightly coloured houses on Caminito Street.

Football is a big part of life n Argentina as a whole, and there are many stadia in the city; even if you aren’t a fan of the beautiful game going to a match here is an experience not to be missed.

Buenos Aires has all of the eating,.drinking and shopping facilities that you’d expect from any major city, as well as botanical gardens, museums and theatres; visitors certainly won’t have a chance to get bored here

Iguazu Falls

This natural wonder is at the northern end of the country on the border with Brazil, and actually consists of around 300 separate waterfalls. It is a popular tourist attraction and can get busy at peak times; take a boat trip or helicopter ride to get the best views possible of this mile long waterfall covered cliff.


There are various places to se glaciers in the south part of Argentina, with Los Glaciares National Park being probably the best. You can visit the glaciers on foot or by boat, get right up close and listen to the creaking as they move, keeping an eye out for the local wildlife. For something a little bit special, visit the Glaciarium at thePerito Moreno glacier, and venture down to the Glaciobar. The whole bar is made of ice, and the alcohol is free, but you’ll need a special ticket and you can only stay for 20 minutes so make the most of it.

Talampaya National Park

To warm up after a close encounter with a glacier visit the red desert of Talampaya in the southwest of Argentina. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the location of the oldest dinosaur bones found so far so keep your eyes peeled for fossils in the ancient rock formations. You’ll need a guide to tour the park for safety reasons, and bike, walking or vehicle tours are all available

Argentina has a great variety of sights, sounds and tastes to offer, and probably difficult to cover in a single visit; what better excuse to go back again and again?