Some Carry On Essentials

Travelling by plane can be a little stressful, especially if flying isn’t your favourite way to go. Long haul flights in particular can be a pain; these are a few things to add to your hand luggage to help ease the pain of flying.

Tickets and Itinery

Even in these days of paperless booking and flying it is a good idea to have a hard copy as proof of booking for each stage of your journey, as well as hotel and car reservations. This way you’ll have information to hand if your electronic device gets broken or flat. Of course you also need to remember your passport, and visas you need and driving licence if you are renting a car.


This is really important, always have at least a little currency for your destination, as well as a credit card for emergencies or guaranteeing rentals or hotel reservations. Using a debit card for guaranteeing reservations can often mean that a large chunk of your available cash is held in reserve as a deposit and so unavailable to you which can be a pain.


Always pack an extra book, and fully charge your electronic devices before you leave. Delays can happen at anytime and you’ll want to have something to do if you are stuck in an airport lounge. Pack your own headphones as well to avoid potentially being charged for them on the plane if you want to watch the in flight movies.

Empty water bottle

You can’t take a full water bottle through security, but you can take an empty one and fill it from a drinking fountain once you are through. This saves spending a lot on a fresh bottle of water each time you fly, as well as making sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated which helps with jet lag and that general travel weariness.


Headaches can be a problem for flyers; the change in pressure often causes pain, especially if you have a slight cold. Other useful medicines to carry include decongestants, again to combat sinus pressure, and a herbal sleep aid if you have problems sleeping on long haul flights. Getting even a few hours sleep at the right time can help with adjusting to the time difference.


Carry a few snacks like a chocolate bar, nuts or dried fruit will give you something to munch rather than buying expensive airport snacks, as well as keep you going if the inflight meal is not to your liking or simply not large enough. Mint flavored gum or sweets are also good for freshening your mouth which always makes you feel better.

Flying doesn’t need to be stressful, adding a few things to your hand luggage can save money and keep you feeling better and refreshed. If you get tense flying you can also through in a herbal remedy to help you relax, if you suffer from swollen ankles try flight compression socks and if you get an achy neck include an inflatable pillow. A little bit of planning ahead can make all the difference.