Things to do in Alaska

There is a whole load more to Alaska than many would think; cruising up the coast is popular, but a trip inland has plenty of things to keep you occupied, stimulated and amazed as well. Here’s a few of the best…

Denali National Park

Denali is the local name for Mount McKinley, the tallest mountain in North America. The park surrounding it covers a massive 6 million acres, and provides a safe haven for all kinds of wildlife from eagles and moose to grizzly bears and grey wolves. You can stay right in the park, at one of plenty of lodges and resorts, and take guided tours out into the wilderness; some of the animals and terrain can be dangerous so a guide is definitely the safest choice. The temperature in the summer months averages around 14 degrees C, and can get much higher; perfect for strolling amongst the myriad of wildflowers.

Chena Hot Springs Resort

This is a well-known hot spring resort in Alaska, with year round hot springs which are filled with healing waters, as well as outdoor hot tubs to relax in; perfect for enjoying the Aurora Borealis on a dark winters night. The Ice Museum is also located at Chena; made completely out of ice this is home to some amazing ice sculptures. An experience not to be missed is the ice bar, sit on an ice bar stool (with a caribou fur seat for comfort) and sip a cocktail from a glass made of ice.
Before you leave Chena pop into the kennels and visit the sled dogs; all the ones here are rescued, but you can take a ride in a sled and there are often puppies visiting from local kennels which are perfect for playing with.

Kenai Fjords National Park

This national park was created by the path of glaciers across the rocks, which left behind the fjords that can be seen now. The fjords are a wonderful place to spot the native marine life such as sea otters, seals, porpoises and even Orca and Humpback whales. You can stay right in this park, and wake up to some amazing views before heading out to explore the glaciers and paddle a kayak along the fjords.


The main city in Alaska is a good place to experience some of the culture and history of the local tribes, with plenty of museums for visitors wanting a splash of culture. Gold mining was also an important part of Alaska’s history and you can try panning for gold at the Indian Valley or Cow Creek mines.

Anchorage is home to the Fur Rendezvous Festival in February, which includes activities such as team snowball fights and outhouse racing. Visitors at any time of the year can see the world’s highest chocolate waterfall; 20 feet of flowing milk chocolate at Alaska Wild Berry Products.

Alaska has loads to offer year round, especially for anyone who loves wildlife, amazing natural scenery and fresh, clean air.