Things to Do In Bangkok

Bangkok is a varied city with weather to match; you can be sweltering in the heat one minute and soaked with a sudden thunderstorm the next, although this is often a relief. Walking through the streets of Bangkok immerses you in a mixture of smells, sounds and sights that will have your sense reeling.

These are a few of the things to do during a visit to Bangkok

The Grand Palace

Right in the centre of the city, the Grand Palace is very aptly named. The beautiful and intricate architecture is generally covered in gold, and the whole place shimmers in the sunlight. There are three sections to the palace, the Inner, Middle and Outer Courts, all built in 1782.  Be sure not to miss the Temple of the Emerald Buddha which is home to a large Buddha statue carved entirely from jade. When you visit this palace or any of the temples in Bangkok it is important to cover up; take a big scarf or light shirt to cover your shoulders if the weather outside is too hot.

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Floating Markets

These are best discovered by boat, though the canals where they are held can get very crowded. Take a tour with a guide to help you haggle for the best deals and make sure you don’t get lost in the waterways; keep an eye out for Komodo dragons along the banks of the quieter canals.

Kohn Dancing

Take in some of the beautiful dances of Thailand at a show; Sala Chalermkrung is a good location for watching a traditional Kohn dance or catch a Likay which is a folktale dance, and can be seen at a temple fair or Makhampom studio. Make sure you are clear on the kind of dance show you are about to watch, there are plenty of places that play host to more risqué dances and it isn’t always clear which these are.

Thai Massage

A traditional Thai massage is a great way to unwind, although a thorough one can be almost painful at times. You can get just your feet massaged on the street which is great for relieving the ache of walking about the city. If you choose to go into a massage parlor, again be careful where you choose as some establishments may offer a little more than massages.

Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park is the Central Park of Bangkok, an unspoilt140 acre green space in the centre of the heat and fumes of Bangkok. Smoking and dogs are banned from the park, but you can rent a bike and cycle through it, or enjoy a picnic on the grass, surrounded by fresh air and open space which are rare in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that will assault you from all sides with bustle and noise, and there is always something to see. If you’re feeling brave and have a strong stomach there are plenty of street food carts to try all kinds of delicious bites to eat, as well as plenty of more traditional restaurants for the less adventurous eater.