Thrill Seeking for Travelers

Plenty of people want a little bit more action on their holiday than simply sitting on a beach and visiting a few local historical sites. If you’d like a bit of an adrenalin rush mixed in with your fruity cocktail then try a few of these ideas for your next holiday.

Skydiving – Mount Everest

This must be the ultimate in skydiving experiences, and definitely not for the first time jumper. This is the highest drop point in the world at just under 30,000 feet, and with the option of two landing sites, why not go twice? There is an expensive price tag attached to the rush, and you can only jump during the month of October.

Cave Tubing – New Zealand

This involves a lot of time spent in a dark cavern, floating through underground rivers on a tube. There is some very pretty scenery created by glow worms and amazing cave structures to marvel at.

Ziplining – Fiji

This course through the forest takes you along a series of eight ziplines high in the jungle canopy. You can get as high as 500 feet in the air, and travel for 65 feet on the longest of the lines. The guide that goes with you will also tell you about the forest you are passing through.

Microlighting – Africa

Take to the air high above the South African scenery in a little two person micro light. Your pilot and guide will point out interesting features to you as you fly. This is weather dependent, so if you have your heart set on it check the best time to go and have a few spare days available.

Make like Maverick

Flying a fighter jet is pretty high on the list of any adrenaline junkie, and in Florida you can do just that. It doesn’t come cheap, but if this is on your bucket list then get saving; you’ll experience G-forces, loops, dives and barrel rolls.

White Water Rafting – India

This is an exciting way to get your thrills, and at this site you can spend the whole day riding the white waters. With a guide to make sure you don’t capsize too often, this is a thrilling ride down the river that can last all day if you want.

Volcano Boarding – Cerro Negro, Nicaragua

This is a new sport, and so far the only place you can do it is on the side of the active Cerro Negro volcano in Nicaragua. The activity of the mountain is carefully monitored, so you’ll be relatively safe as you slide down the mountain in a similar way to snowboarding but without the snow.

Swim with Sharks – Mexico & Fiji

The ultimate in thrill seeking, this can be as dangerous or safe as you like. Choose whale sharks for an amazing but safe as possible underwater experience, or if you really want a rush go for the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji. This well protected reserve is home to tiger sharks, bull sharks, white and black tips, lemon sharks amongst others and the wardens provide education well as thrills.
There are plenty of other adrenalin rush experiences you can try; go abseiling in Tasmania or bungee jumping in Switzerland. Whatever you fancy there is sure to be a way to do it somewhere in the world.