Crescent Route Atlas

New York City to New Orleans, Louisiana
Amtrak Train Numbers 19 (southbound) and 20 (northbound)

Amtrak Route Description


The following has been extracted from Amtrak’s “Crescent” Route Guide.

“The Crescent takes its name from the nickname of its endpoint city, New Orleans.  The Crescent is a successor to the famous earlier trains – the Washington and Southwestern Vestibule Limited in 1891 and Southern Railway’s Crescent Limited and Southern Crescent in 1925 and 1970, respectively.  The Crescent follows Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor as far south as Washington, then heads southwest into Virginia, paralleling the Blue Ridge Mountains, continuing south through the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama to New Orleans…”

The rail travel distance between New York and New Orleans via the Crescent is 1,377 miles. The rail travel time is about 30 1/2 hours.