Empire Builder Route Atlas


North Dakota


   1 Chicago (CHI)    15 Fargo (FAR)    30 Essex (ESM)
   2 Glenview (GLN)    16 Grand Forks (GFK)    31 West Glacier (WGL)
   17 Devils Lake (DLK)    32 Whitefish (WFH)


   18 Rugby (RUG)    33 Libby (LIB)
   3 Milwaukee (MKE)    19 Minot (MOT)
   4 Columbus (CBS)    20 Stanley (STN)


   5 Portage (POG)    21 Williston (WTN)    34 Sandpoint(SPT)
   6 Wisconsin Dells (WDL)
   7 Tomah (TOH)


Washington State

   8 La Crosse (LSE)    22 Wolf Point (WPT)    35 Spokane (SPK)
   23 Glasgow (MOT)    36 Ephrata(EDM)


   24 Malta (MAL)    37 Wenatchee (WEN)
   9 Winona (WIN)    25 Havre (HAV)    38 Everett(EVR)
  10 Red Wing (RDW)    26 Shelby (SBY)    39 Edmonds (EDM)
  11 St Paul-Minn (MSP)    27 Cut Bank (CUT)    40 Seattle (SEA)
  12 St Cloud (SCD)    28 Browning (BRO)
  13 Staples (SPL)    29 East Glacier (GPK)
  14 Detroit Lakes (DLK)


Amtrak Route Description

The following has been extracted from Amtrak’s “Empire Builder” Route Guide.

“Just a few generations ago, the route of the Empire Builder was wilderness, roamed by Native Americans and buffalo.  Later, fur traders and gold miners visited it. And still later, it was developed by merchants, timber men, farmers and – most dramatically – by railroaders.

In this northern plains country, the greatest railroader of all was James J. Hill, a freewheeling, big-dealing tycoon who linked St. Paul and Seattle with his Great Northern Railway.  He acquired the land, built the tracks and even encouraged homesteading along the route. In the process, ‘Empire Builder’ Hill came to govern the fate and fortunes of a good part of this powerfully beautiful area… “

The rail travel distance between Chicago and Seattle via the Empire Builder is a little over 2,200 miles and the scheduled rail travel time is about two full calendar days; just over 47 hours.