Lake Shore Limited Route

New York City to Chicago, Illinois
Amtrak Train Numbers 48 (eastbound) and 49 (westbound)

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Amtrak Route Description


The following has been extracted from Amtrak’s “Lake Shore Limited” Route Guide.

“The Lake Shore Limited travels much the same route today as it did when it was known as the Twentieth Century Limited. Starting in Chicago, the train travels across Northern Indiana and along Lake Michigan, the Mohawk River and the southern shore of Lake Erie. Heading eastward through Upstate New York, the train passes through Albany and along the Hudson River to New York City. And since the route follows the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie, the Erie Canal and the Hudson River, it is known as ‘the water-level route’…”

The rail travel distance between New York and Chicago via the Lake Shore Limited is about 960 miles. The rail travel time is about 19 hours.