Maple Leaf Route


New York

New York

Ontario, Canada

   1 New York (NYP)    9 Amsterdam (AMS)   17 Niagara Falls, ON (NFS)
   2 Yonkers (YNY)  10 Utica (UCA)   18 St. Catherines (SCA)
   3 Croton-Harmon (CRT)  11 Rome (ROM)   19 Grimsby (GMS)
   4 Poughkeepsie (POU)  12 Syracuse (SYR)   20 Aldershot (AST)
   5 Rhinecliff-Kingston (RHI)  13 Rochester (ROC)   21 Oakville (OKL)
   6 Hudson (HUD)  14 Buffalo-Depew (BUF)   22 Toronto (TWO)
   7 Albany-Rensselaer (ALB)  15 Buffalo-Exchange (BFX)
   8 Schenectady (SDY)  16 Niagara Falls, NY (NFL)

The following has been extracted from Amtrak’s Maple Leaf Route Guide.

“Welcome aboard Amtrak’s Maple Leaf . This route links New York City with Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Toronto. The Maple Leaf is the successor to two famous trains that operated between these points. Its namesake comes from a New York to Toronto overnight train that operated over the rail lines of the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Today’s train largely follows the route and daytime schedule of the Empire State Express, a premier New York Central Railroad train between New York City and Buffalo inaugurated in 1891. The publicity conscious New York Central went to great lengths to promote the Empire State Express, featuring it in an 1896 film that was the first movie to depict a train. When the Empire State Express was refurbished with new equipment in 1941, the New York Central decided to inaugurate it on December 7, anticipating that no other newsworthy event would occur on a Sunday. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, however, thwarted those plans. This train service is financed in part through funds made available by the New York State Department of Transportation. Please sit back and read more about some of the fascinating places waiting for you.”

The rail travel distance between New York and Toronto via the Maple Leaf is almost 550 miles. The rail travel time is about 12 – 1/2 hours.