Here is How to Travel Hassle Free in the Holiday season

Travelling during the holidays can be a nightmare; everyone else is travelling as well, everywhere is packed with people, all rushing in what seems like the opposite direction to you. Spending the holidays with your family can be lovely, if exhausting, so here are a few ways to make the journey a little less stressful so you don’t arrive frazzled.

Get your tickets early

This is not the time to wait for a last minute deal, it probably won’t happen. Everyone is trying to get tickets all over the place for the holidays, so get yours as soon as you have plans in place. The same applies to hotel reservations if you need to make them; they aren’t going to get cheaper nearer the time so don’t wait.

Get Refundable Tickets

This is important, especially travelling in the busy and often wintery holidays. If your flight gets cancelled or you get delayed or miss it, you need to be able to make a change onto another one, and this isn’t easy if your whole budget is gone and you aren’t getting it back. Even if you dont ever make it, the pain will be a little less if you get your money back. Weather, traffic, family and a hundred other things could go wrong, so be prepared.

Leave plenty of time

This seems obvious, but is actually tricky to achieve. The airport and other travel terminals will be busier in the holidays, and all of the queues will be longer so leave extra time. Then double it. If you have a family member or friend who is always late to leave, tell them a departure time an hour or so the real one if you need to, just to get them out of the house.

Consider all your options

Flying may look like the best way to get to where you are going, but it may not be the quickest. If you do have a long journey you could make a road trip of it and stop for a night on the way, or get a train if you don’t fancy driving. Airports can be a nightmare, and planes are easily affected by bad weather so an alternative may be a better option.

Pack well

Don’t pack too much, and try and pack the night before rather than age in advance. That way you won’t be packing things that you’ll need before you go, and end up having to undo all your good work. Pack light; if you forget anything essential you can buy it when you arrive. Make sure your passport, money and tickets are in your hand luggage.

Charge everything up

Make sure your phone, iPad and any kids electronics are charged up. Your phone may be needed to stay in touch, and kids are much easier to handle if they have some entertainment. Take an emergency portable charger with you if you have one, just in case.
There is no need for travelling over the holidays to be stressful, plan ahead, pack water and snacks and make sure you check your travel arrangements before you leave the house, and all will be well.