How to have a cheap vacation

So finally you are on your holidays , something you’ve been waiting for . Unfortunately you do not have enough money (jobs don’t pay well these days) . This happens all the time people ask themselves how to have a cheap vacation , Don’t worry we are going to give you some quick yet powerful tips that will help you to save some money on your vacation.

Couchsurfing .

It is an international home exchange with people who live in other countries . This method is becoming increasingly popular, although we highly suggest you to do this with people you know very well , someone you trust ,to save you from some undesirable surprises. It is a very good option that will save us a lot of money .

Compare prices on the internet .

There are many sites on the Internet that let us search for prices of all flights during a date these websites help us a lot to reduce travel expenses . HotelsCombined is one of the best websites on the internet where you can search for flights ,hotels,  holidays , etc .  This is basically a search engine for hotel deals.
HC allows you to search for hotels’ prices available for the date of travel. You also have links that are reviews from previous customers , it will certainly help you to make a better decision.

Travel when it is cheap .

The price of flights varies depending on the month , day and even time travel . Skyscanner allows you to compare flight prices for months and years , so you can see what day it is cheaper to fly . Avoid weekends it does have a great impact on the price of the flight.

Save money with the currency exchange

Withdrawing money abroad can involve some fees. Although using the debit card can be cheaper than using credit, keep in mind that many banks charge fees for withdraw money . So it is better to take with you a great amount of money and avoid charges.

Volunteer Travel

In these times people feel social responsibility more than ever , help people that need is both an inspiration and an opportunity to travel around the world and this association sometimes even pay you ! .

With so many travel opportunities out there anyone can discover new sites and help improve our future and society .

Visit museums (Free Admission)

Unfortunately there are many countries where museums are not always free , but there is always one day that you can visit it and no pay for it . All you have to do is to check the museum’s website and find out when you’ll be able to get in without paying.

Use technology to save money .

In this era of new technology and gadgets, your phone can help you save money . There are free applications that will do almost anything: travel guides, maps, guides,etc . Download them !

Bring food from home .

Today many airlines charge you for food they offered on board . Save yourself a small fortune and bring your own snacks instead of buying them on the plane or at the airport.