London’s best late night restaurants

The bars have shut, you’ve got the munchies and a kebab on the way home just isn’t going to cut it. So where do you go? From Chinatown to Chelsea, Mayfair, Farringdon, Bishopsgate and Dalston, we’ve drawn up a list of the top late night dining spots in London and when they take last orders. So now you know.


Duckand Waffle

Open 24 hours/day

Located on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in Bishopsgate, Duck and Waffle is London’s only high end restaurant open 24 hours a day. The late night snack menu including the foie gras ‘all day breakfast’, is designed with the greedy in mind. The famous duck and waffle dish here – a crispy confit duck leg, served with American-style waffles, a fried duck egg and mustard maple syrup – is damn delicious and exactly what your body needs after a big night out (salt, protein and fat). Just try not to be sick in the 100mph Willy Wonka glass lift getting up there.

3 South Place
Open 24 hours
Located on the ground floor of Moorgate’s South Place hotel, this is a good place to head to if you’re still in the mood for a party but want to eat something. DJs play in the bar till early morning and you can order from the bar snack menu (mini burgers, rarebit soldiers, chicken pie etc) or room service menu any time of the night. They advise to call ahead and book a table on weekends.
Open 24 Hours
One of the pillars of Dalston, Somine has been offering lamb-neck soup, turkish stews and odd, pickled green tomatoes at idiot o’clock in the morning for as long as we can remember. The menu kind of varies depending on what time you go, it’s certainly not the best Turkish restuarant on Kingsland Road, (especially when it comes to service) but when it comes to sheer convience, this takes some beating.
Tinseltown Farringdon
Open until 5am
Last orders 4am
A popular spot with ravers spilling out of Fabric and beyond, the Farringdon branch of the American diner chain is open till 5am, serving up classic American fast food like burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs and fries. The milkshakes are also a draw – try ‘the Ambassador’, made with Ferrero Rocher, Oreo cookies and ice cream. If all that doesn’t soak up the booze, you’re screwed.
Hakkasan Mayfair
Open until 1:30am Sun-Wed, 2:30am Thurs-Sat
Last orders 12:30am Monday-Saturday, 12am Sunday
One of the best Chinese restaurants in London, Hakkasan isn’t cheap, but by god it’s good. If you’ve already eaten earlier in the evening, they have a ‘small bite’ menu ideally suited for late night munchies, including a dim sum platter, salt and pepper squid and sesame prawn toast with foie gras.
Old Town 97
Open until 4am
Last orders 3am
If you’re in central London and you’ve just got out of the theatre or the pub, Chinatown is your best bet for food, as lots of places are open till midnight. Old Town 97 is open later than most and while it fosters the typically curt service one becomes accostomed to in Chinatown, it’s cheap and it hits the spot. The Hainanese chicken rice with chilli sauce, braised beef brisket and the stir fried morning glory are particularly good.
Vingt Quatre
Open 24 hours
A favourite haunt with post-club Sloane Rangers, Chelsea’s Vingt Quatre is the only restaurant in London to hold a 24 hour booze licence, which you won’t be surprised to hear, makes it very popular. They have a no bookings policy and security staff to kick out the overly inebriated. Vingt Quatre know their market too; with breakfast dishes like kedgeree, omelettes and pancakes, plus burgers, steak, fish & chips and pasta, they’ve got every kind of comfort food you might be craving at 3am covered.