These tips Will help You to Stay in Shape While You Travel

Travelling with your job can be a great way to see the world whilst getting paid to do so, but it can play havoc with your workout routine and eating habits. These are a few ways to stay in shape and avoid piling on the pounds while you are travelling

Get a hotel with a gym, D’uh

Obviously this isn’t always and option, but if possible try and book a hotel that has a workout centre on site. Hotel gyms are generally pretty quiet and you can use it before or after working.

Get a free pass for the local gym

If you are only staying for a few days, you can probably skip the work out, but if you want to get your sweat on then see if the local gyms offer free pass for first time users, or sometimes weekly membership.

Make healthy choices

It might be tempting to try all the local food that is about, or grab a takeout if you are in a hurry but try and make a conscious choice to eat healthily wherever possible. Don’t deprive yourself of the option to try new foods and flavors, just don’t eat the local deep fried specialty at every meal, however tasty it is.

Pack your trainers (probably the most important)

As long as you have the right footwear you’ll be able to get some exercise in anywhere. If you plan to run outside check the best and safest routes with the hotel staff before you go, and make sure you don’t get lost. Just running up and down the stairs a few times will get your heart racing and burn off the extra pudding you had at lunch.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your fluid levels up is really important, especially in climates that are hotter than you are used to. Take a water bottle with a filter, or fill up at drinking fountains to avoid expensive hotel mineral water, you can also buy a UV water purifier fairly cheaply that you just dip in water to kill all the bacteria.

Don’t skimp on sleep

This can be tricky if you have traveled across time zones, try and adjust to the local time from day one to minimize disruption. Use a natural sleep aid if you have trouble dropping off, and take an eye mask and ear plugs to combat noisy neighbors and skimpy curtains.
Take the gym with you
Use water bottle as weights, and pack a skipping rope to create a mini work out centre in your hotel room. Buy a few work out DVDs if you prefer a class, there are some good all-round options that will keep you in shape while you are travelling.

There is no need to pile on the pounds when you travel, although different time zones and busy schedules alongside tempting hotel food can mean you’ll need a bit of will power. Check out your destination and accommodation in advance to find out what your options are, and if you have real trouble limiting your food pack a few meal replacement shakes to have at lunch if you know dinner will be a large one.