Travelling light – Hand Luggage Only

If you are one of those people, like me, that fill their suitcase to the brim with items that you may need but probably won’t when you go on holiday you make think the idea of travelling with just a small item of hand luggage sounds totally impossible. However, with a few carefully packing choices and a little preparation you can be one of those smug looking people that stroll right past the baggage carousel and out into the world with just a tiny piece of cabin luggage. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Streamline your lotions and potions

There is no need to take full sized shampoos and shower gels on holiday, and you won’t be able to pack them in hand luggage anyway so grab so travel sized bottles. If your favourites don’t come in small then invest in a set of little bottles and decant from the standard size into them. You can use them over and over and save space at the same time. Consider carefully what cosmetics and toiletries you will actually need on your vacation; a tinted moisturizer will double up as foundation (which would be too heavy in a hot place anyway) and you can survive without all of your nail polish options for a week, surely?

Mix up your outfits

Choose items of clothes that will all mix and match; avoid those patterned trousers that only go with one top which in turn also goes with nothing else. You can make up a whole load of outfits from just a few separates and some clever accessories; dress an outfit up with a bit of bling for a night out, or down with a pair of flip flops for the beach. If you haven’t worn something since your last sun holiday, try it on before packing it; there is no point in taking something that no longer fits properly (obviously it has shrunk in the wash!)

Three pairs of shoes will do

Depending on what you plan to do, you may only need two pairs – day and smarter. Make sure you have comfy walking shoes if you are planning to go sightseeing at all, otherwise a pair of flip flops or sandals that go with everything will do for the day, and a heeled or sparkly sandal if you plan on dressing up at all. That’s it. The same applies to bags; you will only need one for the beach and one for the evening.

Layer your outfits

If you are travelling to warmer climates, pack few thin layers you can add to any outfit on a chillier evening. If you are going somewhere cold choose lots of thin layers as these will take up less space than a huge bulky jumper, and are also more efficient at keeping you warm. If it’s going to be really cold invest in some thermal under layers that keep you warm but wick away moisture; these can go under anything and really keep you cozy.

These few things will mean you can pack a surprising amount of choice into your bag, and still get it in the overhead locker. Be prepared to wash some items during your stay; hotels will have a laundry service or you can do it yourself with a tube of travel wash. In the end, you can survive without pretty much any piece of clothing for a week!