Travelling With Your Dog Tips- Woof Woof

If you are planning a trip, and either don’t want to leave your dog behind or are not able to, there are options to take pets on all kinds of holidays these days.

If you are travelling alone, taking your dog along too can help you feel safer in strange places. You may not have any option; some dogs simply do not cope well with being left in a strange kennel, and if friends or family are not able to help out then taking your dog with you might be the only way except for cancelling your break. Of course many people include their dog as part of the family, and would enjoy a holiday more if the dog comes along. These are a few things to consider if you taking your pooch on a long trip.

Check your accommodation

Lots of hotels don’t accept pets, so it is obvious to check in advance if this is the case with where you are going, and if pets are accepted they will most likely be charged extra for. You may expect that campsites would all allow dogs, but this is not the case so always check to avoid disappointment; you may need to book into a specific area if you want to take your dog along. If you do take your dog to a hotel, remember to pack his bed, or a blanket or sheet to cover the bedding if he sleeps on the bed; this will help you avoid extra cleaning fees and stop the whole room getting covered in fur. Make sure there are plenty of places you can safely walk your dog in the local area, if you are staying in a city centre hotel this may be a problem, so find the parks in advance. It also makes sense to take a crate or carry cage if you will need to leave your dog in a hotel room; even the best behaved dogs may get destructive if they are alone in a strange place.


If your dog hasn’t travelled much before then get him used to car journeys with a few short trips before your holiday. Most dogs are quite happy with car travel, but puppies and nervous types can get car sick, so be aware. If you have the space in your boot for a crate, this is a safe way for your dog to travel, or if he is sitting on the back seat strap him in with a dog seat belt. Never let your dog roam freely around the car, if he decides to sit on your lap on the motorway you could both be seriously injured. Plan regular stops, and however much he enjoys it is it best not to let your dog stick his head out of the window, as debris can get in his eyes. Just open it a crack to allow fresh air and all the new smells to get in for him to enjoy.
Remember to pack your usual dog food to avoid stomach upsets, and pack for the climate; if you are going somewhere hot try adding ice to your dogs water to keep him cool, and remember never to leave a dog in a hot car, cracking the window will not provide a breeze. Always clean up after your dog, and keep him on a lead in strange places or situations. Above all, have fun!