You want to go camping? Think no more, it’s great!

If you have never been on a camping trip, you are definitely missing out. True, it isn’t the most comfortable or glamourous way to travel but it is fun, affordable and great for a weekend bonding with friends or family. So grab a sleeping bag (pack an airbed too for extra comfort) and head out to the wilderness, or your local campsite if you are a complete novice. These are a few reasons why you should give camping a go at least once.

Budget friendly, that’s what camping is

Camping is a really good way to get an affordable break from the routine without breaking the bank. Prices for campsites vary, generally the more facilities they have the more a pitch costs for the night; if you want a luxury toilet block and a bar or family room in case the weather is awful then it’ll cost you a little more than a pitch in what is basically a field. Still much cheaper than a hotel though.

Relaxation all the way, oh yeah!

You may not think that being under canvas will be relaxing, but cooking up breakfast early I the morning with the sights and sounds of nature all around you is sure to calm your mind and soul. And if you choose your camp site well, you can avoid the ringing of cell phones or any other electronic devices; if you can’t check your email then there is no need to worry that you haven’t. The world won’t come to a halt because you don’t have a cell signal or WiFi, and it’s actually liberating once you get over the initial panic.

Naturally beautiful surroundings

Most campsites are located in nice surroundings, and the further you get from civilization the more you can appreciate the natural beauty that is all around. Watch the sun rise while you are still snuggled up in your sleeping bag, with nothing between you and the great outdoors, and watch it set again as you build a campfire to cook your evening meal is a wonderful experience.

Learning new skills, no really.

It’s a good idea to practice putting up your tent before you arrive on site for your first camping trip, but when you get out into the great outdoors there are plenty of new things to try. Cooking over a campfires or little stove is a whole new skill in itself; try lighting a firs from scratch, it’s tricky but you’ll get a really sense of satisfaction when it is done. Some sites in national parks may have rangers that run classes on survival skills, you can sign up for these to learn a whole host of new talents.

Stargazing, you don’t have this in the city

This is one of the best things about camping; once you are away from the light pollution that comes with any urban place, you’ll be amazed how many stars there are. Take a star chart if you want to know what you are looking at, or simply lie on your back in sweet smelling grass and ponder the size of the universe. You might even see a shooting star.

Camping isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t try it at least once then you’ll never know if it is just what you need to recharge your batteries.