Adeo Hotel Puch-Urstein near Salzburg review 2014

In Summer 2014 we (family of 4) visited Adeo Hotel near Salzburg. It is located at the end of a village called Puch-urstein (a beautiful village, but during the hot summer days it stinks like hell there, because of the manure farmers put on the fields that surround that village ). But don’t worry about that, we actually liked Adeo hotel, a lot!

morning near salzburg
View from our room in Adeo hotel

It is a modern, midsized hotel located in a vicinity of the highway (exit Puch-Urstein) and it is a great choice if you want to sleep over and continue your road tomorrow.

We travelled from Eastern Europe (Belgrade, Serbia) to Paris and this hotel was the best choice for us. We did want to stay in Salzburg but to get the type of room we wanted (quadruple), we would pay 3 times the price in Salzburg city centre, compared to Adeo hotel.

We did think that the vicinity of the highway would be a problem but not at all. You cannot see nor hear cars/trucks going on the highway because it is totally hidden.

Coming to the hotel

No matter if you’re coming to hotel from Slovenia (south) or Germany (west) you will take exit Puch-Urstein. Once you exit the autobahn you will see a gas station and Adeo hotel. You can take a turn and go straight through the gas station directly to the hotel parking in front of the hotel. There is a free garage (with a lot of space) for hotel guests under the building; you don’t have to check-in to be able to park there.

Checking in the hotel

Once you’re in front of the hotel you will see 3 doors. Take the middle doors (left is bakery, right is restaurant), this is the entrance to the lobby from where you will take the elevator. Go to reception. It is not a 24 hour working reception, which means that if the reception is closed you will need to check-in using what we called ATM reception (looks like ATM) that is located in front of the reception doors. There you can choose your language; the machine will ask you for your reservation and it will guide you through the check-in process.

Pretty easy. If you do not have reservation you will be able to finish everything there, of course if there are free rooms.

Once you finish everything you will get your electric set of keys that you use to power your rooms and to lock/unlock the doors and to use elevator. Without these keys you cannot go to floors where the rooms are, only to reception and garage.

The rooms and the food options

As I said earlier, we took a quadruple room. If you want to book quadruple always type in 4 adults, instead of 2 adults + 2 kids, because some of the booking engines won’t give you quadruple room option (not sure why, they probably think we should all sleep in one bed).

puch urtein adeo hotel room
This is one of the 2 rooms that make one quadruple room. Both rooms are totally same and connected with doors.

Quadruple room is basically 2 rooms connected with doors. Each room has 2 connected beds, one flat screen TV, bath with shower, working area (table and nice lamp), bed-side tables and enough towels for 2 days. All rooms have mountain view, but that’s not hard in Austria, because Austria is all mountains.

table in the room in Adeo hotel
Office table will be used for both work and fun (she is watching cartoons on our Laptop) and even as a dining table.

Early in the morning (6 a.m.) a bakery opens up and it is filled with all the local and international pastries. It is a good choice if you want to eat before you take the trip. If you want to take a lunch or a dinner there is a choice of one restaurant that is in the hotel, but it is not a property of the hotel.  It is more of a café meets restaurant meets lounge. We did hesitate to take the dinner there for 3 reasons.

1. There was no A/C and people were smoking inside, so that was not an option.

2. Outside the restaurant it can be nice, but on that specific day the manure (mentioned in the beginning) was stinking really hard (I guess since it was hot), so it wasn’t pleasant to sit there and eat your dinner.

3. We were a bit skeptical about the quality of foods…

I did went to village (Puch-Urstein) and saw that there are few restaurants there. The village looks really nice, so make sure to bring the camera to take the picture of a typical Austria village (if you’re not from Austria).  On the way to the village you will notice a supermarket, but make sure to come earlier because I think it closes before 7pm.

eating in adeo hotel salzburg
No fancy looks, but great cheeseburger.

After I saw all the options I decided to go back to that restaurant in the hotel and ask them if I can take away the food. They confirmed, so I ordered a pair of sausages with fries and a huge cheeseburger (you have the menu in hotel elevator). Probably one of the best cheeseburgers I ever ate. Each bite was a pure hedonism; the meat was thick yet juicy and unforgettable and the sauce was really nice as well. Damn, I miss that cheeseburger. We also took a portion of fries (it was huge portion, picture attached). Do not forget to take draft beer in the restaurant.

french fries i naustria

They usually give the beer in plastic but ask them for that half liter glass with a promise that you will return the glass once you finish the dinner.

Check out

Check out is simple and it consist of packing your bags, taking care of your kids and putting key cards in the small mail boxes at the elevator exit on the garage level. If the reception is working you can leave your cards there.

Great food to eat, great place to stay, great experience for a family of 4.



Adeo Hotel Puch-Urstein near Salzburg review 2014 on September 2, 2014 rated 4.5 of 5