Hotel Neptun – BRIJUNI Istria Review

Somewhere at the beginning of June 2014, my company has arranged a team building for its employees and had decided to take us on a trip to Istria, to be precise, to Fažana. Fažana has a small number of hotels and the one that my group and I visited is called the Hotel Neptun. It is located by the coast in the central harbor of the island Veliki Brijun. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery; the Mediterranean Sea and its delicious cuisine.

The hotel itself was built during the Josip Broz Tito era and anyone who comes to Brijuni can see this for themselves. I had a feeling like time had stopped. Do not get me wrong, the hotel is very nice, from within and from the outside. However, when you come inside the hotel, you get a special vibe. It is well-taken care of, but it is not modern in any way.


As I said, this was a trip to Brijuni that my company decided to give to its employees as a gift. We were a large group of people, nearly a hundred people. We came by bus and ferry. It was an early morning when we set of from Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) and were on our way to Fažana. It took us 5 hours to get to the port where we proceeded further by a ferry. It was a quite nice ferry ride, and I took some pictures of us coming in the nearby of the hotel Neptun.

neptun brijuni croatia

Hotel Neptun is  quite a big hotel.

There is one main entrance on the front side of the hotel. When you enter, the reception is straight ahead, you cannot miss it. To the right side there is a large restaurant. The rooms are upstairs. You will not get a fancy room key (no card key, like some modern hotels have). The reception is available 24 hours a day. In front of the hotel, there is a large terrace where you can have a drink in the open. It is quite nice, and each table is shield from the sun with a white parasol (as you can see from the photograph).

hote lneptun fron view


We only stayed there for one night but it was quite nice. The rooms are decent. If you decide to visit this hotel, you should not expect modern surroundings. The furniture is plain and simple, all in color brown, a TV (do not expect a plasma screen or LCD, just an ordinary television), comfortable bed and a small bathroom with a tub.

room of the neptun hotel in brijuni image

When it comes to food selection, you can choose from a variety of dishes. When we first arrived, it was lunch time, and we were escorted to the restaurant where the tables were all set for approximately a group of hundred people. The menu was divided into a few categories. Fish, meat, and vegetarian menus. I decided to go with a meat menu. The food was very tasty, and I liked it a lot. However, I cannot say the same for the service. The waiters mixed up our orders, and some of us got menu that we did not order. I ordered the meat menu, and I was served with the fish menu. The waiters corrected all that, but still; it was visible that they were not ready for so many people at once. Aside all that, the food was delicious.

If you like to drink lemon beer, like I do, do not expect to get it. The only bear with flavor is a grapefruit flavored beer (Union beer). The selection of drinks is quite basic. Do not expect too much. Also, if you want to “go online“ you will have to pay for the Wi-Fi connection. There is no free wi-fi for the guests of this hotel.

There was one thing that made us all very angry. The deal that my company made with the hotel is that the company would pay for all the expenses. However, at the end of the lunch, all the people got a bill to pay for what they drank, even though the deal was that all the expenses would be covered by the company. As we were served with the bill, we had to pay for it. When we asked the reason why, the waiter said that the restaurant manager decided so. Therefore, this is a big minus to the hotel, and a big resent to the organization skills of the hotel/restaurant manager.

Checking out

It is simple to check out; you pack you bag and return the key. Nothing much to it.

Overall, I liked everything apart the drink incident. The hotel is nice and clean. Some rooms have a park view and others view on the sea. The view from the hotel is spectacular. It is no Hilton, but I would recommend this hotel and Brijuni to anyone who likes beautiful sceneries, nature, peace and quiet.