Review of Hotel Galvez in Galvestone

Recently I had the opportunity to stay at the Tremont located in Downtown Galveston. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there but they had no pool or spa. They made up for that shortcoming by allowing us to use their fully decked out sister Wyndham property, Hotel Galvez. We enjoyed the amenities of the hotel so much we thought it would be great to stay there on our next trip to Galveston.

I made a reservation online but ended up calling the hotel to see if I could get a better rate and I found out if I waited a few days the rates would go down. I always call because you never know what deals you may encounter.
To get to the Hotel you take the main entrance road into Galveston which is Broadway. Go down Broadway all the way to 25th street and turn right on to 25th. Take 25th all the way down until you dead-end into the seawall and then turn left. Go a few blocks and you will see the hotel on the left hand side.

When driving up to the hotel it is grand and luxurious. You will notice a circle driveway with valet waiting on you. The valet is complimentary for hotels guests but of course you have to tip.

hotel galvez review

Check in was easy and the front desk clerks were super friendly. The lobby is spacious, stunning and elegant, it reminded me of a mansion with an old world Spanish chic feel.

hotel galvez lobby

I was so impressed by the interiors, grounds and lobby I couldn’t wait to go to our room.

Eeeek when I opened the door I was a bit disappointed. I walked in and felt like I was in a closet. I was shocked because this is a higher end hotel but the décor was stark and boring and non-existent. The room was so small I felt closterphobic. We had a king sized room and all it provided was a bed, TV and small desk that was blocking the view out of our window. You had to watch TV from the bed as the room had only ONE chair (against the wall under the TV) and no seating area. I have stayed in hotels half the price of this one with double the size resting area. I am guessing you are paying for the amenities of the hotel because the room was sub par in my opinion. The only highlight was the bathroom had a large tub and plush robes and towels.

New Picture (2)

galvez room view galveston

bathroom in galvez hotel

This is our view from a front facing room (which costs more). You can see all of the ocean and the Historic Island Pleasure Pier. I worried about the noise by being that close the tourist attractions but it was very quiet inside our room.

beach view from galvez hotel

We were in a hurry to get back to enjoying the hotel and couldn’t wait to lounge at the pool, besides we felt like we were in a shoebox. Now the accommodations may have been small but the pool was magnificent. Complete with chairs and cabanas and the most amazing hot tub jacuzzi. We felt so relaxed. It was the highlight of the hotel (except for the Sunday brunch) and I’ll tell you about that later. We noticed on our check in brochure they included a Spa menu. The hotel has its own day spa complete with facials, aroma therapy and other services.

pool view galvez

hot tub galvez hotel

After a full day and night of relaxing at the pool area we woke up early hungry and ready for some grub. Now normally I wouldn’t mind ordering room service for breakfast but I had heard tales of this lavish affair Hotel Galvez puts on called “Sunday Brunch”. So I wanted to wait to eat in the hotel until Sunday. We went to a place called Miller’s Landing and it’s located very close to the hotel. They serve an extensive breakfast menu and the food was ok (not great) just ok but we had an amazing sunrise view while eating.

Now it was time to start our day and since we were in walking distance to Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier we decided to go check it out. This used to be the site of the Flagship Hotel before Hurricane Ike demolished it. Now it’s a pier with carnival rides, games and eateries.

galveston island historic pleasure pier

We went early to avoid crowds and had a nice time but it’s a pricier attraction at Galveston and so we moved on to more sights.

Not many people know Galveston has a train museum including me. So when I saw a brochure at the breakfast restaurant I knew I wanted to check it out.

We drove just a few minutes to the Galveston Railroad Museum and it was loaded with old train and passenger cars. The museum gave tons of railroad history and displayed train cars in the exact way they were when operational dating back to the mid 1900’s. It also has a room filled with model trains for the collectors. It was an unexpected surprise and a great place to take photos.

Galveston Railroad Museum

Next we went back to the seawall to have some tea and enjoy more gulf views while sitting on the oversized patio of Murdoch’s. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs, have a drink or do some beach inspired shopping

After soaking up the views and a just enjoying the outdoors here we were on the hunt for lunch. My hubby and I are very picky foodies so we won’t just settle for the same old same old. Part of our thrill while traveling is hunting for new spots to chow down. We struck Gold when we found the Black Pearl. It’s a hidden gem in downtown Galveston that has amazing views and great service. We feasted on oysters Rockefeller, fried shrimp and the crawfish platter.

black pearl gelveston food in plate

Moving on to our next adventure for the day we would have to cross some water. I had never been on a ferry and was a bit unsure but we went anyway. I wanted to see Bolivar Peninsula and that was located across the Gulf and the only way to get there is by using the Bolivar Ferry. We drove our car on to one of 3 ferry’s that were in use. About a 20 minute ride and we were there. It was actually really nice.

bolivar ferry galveston

When we arrived we saw the Bolivar Lighthouse and several little areas to fish, picnic and hang out. We stayed there and explored and they had some cute houses and nice mini beaches.

After our adventures on Bolivar we went back across the ferry to Galveston and explored a new side of the island for me. We ventured to Sea Wolf Park. The park has the BEST fishing on the island and houses a WWII submarine and destroyer escort ship. The museum is very cool and has amazing history a real great place to tour. We stayed at the park fishing off the rocks and the renovated pier the rest of the day. A special bonus about this place is the 360 degree sunset… ever.

fishing in the sunset

Finally Sunday was upon us and the famous Galvez brunch was here.

This is one of those things you have to see to believe. Tables upon tables spread out with seafood, pasta bar, salads, eggs, fruits and juices and coffees galore. This doesn’t come cheap but I feel it’s worth every penny, for 40.00 per person its all the food you can eat. This brunch and the pool area are the best two things about the hotel.

Sunday branch at galvez

shrimps for brunch

We must have sat in the beautiful ocean side dining area for 2 hours just relaxing and feasting like King and Queen. After the bountiful brunch we turned in our room keys and checked out stress-free.

Overall the hotel had some great amenities:

day spa, lush grounds and gardens, great pool and jacuzzi and very good food. My problem is the room. I didn’t feel like I was in a top choice hotel, it felt cramped and uninviting and I really didn’t want to spend time in the room. If you are going to visit and just stay a night or two and don’t plan on spending too much time in your room, then you can bypass the bland and dismal accommodations and enjoy the other amenities the hotel offers. If you are planning an extended stay then you may want to think again