Review of Orbis Hotel in Paracin, Serbia

We were supposed to visit one of the new mountain resorts  but postponed that trip because we wanted to visit Orbis first. We were browsing the hotels and this hotel came out as one of the best rated hotels in Central Serbia region.

Honestly, I never heard about it before. For two reasons

1. It is a new hotel (opened in 2014)

2. It is not promoted in the media and it is not based in any kind of touristic region.

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Orbis is a 4 star hotel situated in a small town called Paracin (in the city center) close to E-75 (A1) highway that goes through Serbia. Before we go onto the details I will say that this is probably THE best option to have a rest in Serbia if you are traveling from Western Europe to Turkey or Greece and vice versa.

Coming to hotel

You take the exit to Paracin and follow the signs that will lead you to Orbis hotel. It is really easy to find the hotel, even if it is your first time in Paracin. (It was our first time). Once you reach the hotel, park the car in front of the hotel. Hotel have a big underground garage for hotel guests but you need to check in before you go to the garage because they will open the gates only for hotel guests.

Once you are in the garage you can enter the hotel from there. No need to go to reception again, of course. Elevator is kinda small, it takes 4 adults maximum.

Rooms in Orbis

There are 3 different types of rooms in Orbis. Superior, executive and Deluxe. No matter which room you choose, I am sure you will be satisfied with it.

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Our choice was Deluxe room and the main reason for this was that if you book a Deluxe room you get a free (all day) access to spa/welness area. How can you skip this offer?

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We have been all around the Europe but I never saw such a good room for such a low price.  We got 2 queen size beds. We are family of 4 (both kids under the age of 5) and we didn’t have problems with the space. Beds and pillows are superb and you will have a wonderful sleep, I am sure of this.

Next to your bed you have light and window controls (window shades are motorized) and in front of the bed there is nice office-like table if you want to work on your laptop (wi-fi is free throughout the hotel, of course). Under the desk there is a mini bar filled with drinks.

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Flat HD TV screen is also there and you can keep your small valuables in safe that is located in closet. When you open closet you will see 2 bathrobes and 2 pairs of sleepers. Great stuff because you will need this to go down to the spa area.

Bathroom is smallish (compared to the room) but everything is new, you also have 2 bathroom sinks provided with small soaps, shampoo, and some cute tiny vanity kit.

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Since Deluxe rooms are on 4th floor you get a nice view and we could enjoyed the sunset. Again, windows are huge and this gives that extra luxury feeling to the room.

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Room service is available in the hotel but you pay additional 20% on top of the price for ordered food. Which is really not that much if you want to indulge yourself, have a breakfast in bed or a cup of coffee.

Spa area

Down at -1 level there is a spa area for relaxing. This was the main reason we came to this hotel and we were eager to check it out. There is a big possibility that you will be alone in the spa area because (I assume) a lot of guests book cheaper rooms (superior and executive) that do not offer free access to the spa area. This is a mistake that only rookie travelers are going to make. Don’t be a rookie. Take Deluxe room.

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Also, I guess a lot of guests in this hotel are just in transit through Serbia so they don’t care about the spa. But even if you are in transit there is no reason to skip this offer.

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Once you are in the spa area you will be able to use hammam, sauna, salt room ( Halotherapy ), hot tub, showers and  a pool.  Spa area is well designed and for me this is a central part of this hotel. Again, you will probably be alone there (like the 4 of us were) so it really doesn’t matter that it is not a huge space. I felt as it was our private part of the hotel. Relaxing music, sitting in a hot tub, enjoying. Good times.

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Food in Orbis

When you book a room you also get a free breakfast included in the price. I have mixed feelings about breakfast.  It is nice and you really have a choice. There are orange and apple juice, milk, coffee, tea, yogurt and fruit yogurt which is a fair choice when it comes to drinks. For eating there is homemade bread, toast and croissants, jam, butter, honey, Nutela-like chocolate cream, ham, tomato, omelet, bacon, boiled eggs, cornflakes, muesli and sausages.  But, it could be better, for example you only have already made coffee, the toast were a bit dry and small things like that.

Enjoying at the rooftop restaurant
Enjoying at the rooftop restaurant

Overall, we were satisfied with the food. But the biggest problem with the breakfast is not the food itself.  The problem is the “smoking allowed”. This was normal some 30 years ago but in 2015 you shouldn’t allow people to smoke while other guests are having their breakfast. This is a big no-no. I am sure that some guests will leave a negative review just because of this and they probably won’t come back.

This is a suggestion to hotel staff, this should be changed.

Now about the lunch and dinner. Since this is not included in the price you would need to either have a lunch/dinner in the hotel or go outside and find something else.  Our choice was rooftop restaurant in the hotel. All the food that we had there was well prepared and majority of people would probably be satisfied.

The only thing that is missing is….I don’t know how should I put this…food needs more power to it. I will explain now. For example they have some great beer sausage but you don’t get French fries with this. You need to order fries separately. Then there are some nice burgers (we ordered Gypsy Burger) that are served as two smaller burgers. Again you don’t get fries with the burger.  Fries are a must with burgers. Fries, ketchup and onion rings is what you usually get when you order burgers. here you don’t get any of this… for dinner we ate sweet, pancakes and waffles, again it was a little bit dry because it needed some more filling…

It is just a friendly suggestion to hotel owners. Staff was so friendly with us that I really cannot be negative about anything.  You will see for yourself, staff is always smiling (not a fake smile, it was genuine) and ready to help and answer all of your questions.

Oh yes, with Deluxe room you get a late check-out so no need to rush in the morning, you can go down to spa area again before you leave the hotel. Checkout is easy, they accept both CCs and cash (you don’t have to pay anything before you leave the hotel) and when you are exiting the garage sensors will open the gate for you.

Overall, we spend great 2 days in Orbis hotel. Even if the food could have been a little better we had a great time and so did the kids.