Review of The Tremont Hotel in Galveston

I saw The Tremont on one of my many trips to Galveston. The hotel looked as if it was right out of a movie, very old world and regal. It was sophisticated, classy and in the heart of downtown Galveston. Very different from the typical hotels located on the seawall.

My grandmother was coming in from out of town and she wanted to see the beach but wanted a quiet place to stay while she visited. Neither she nor I like the party scene and we do not like overly loud hotels. I knew this place would fit the bill, it just screams relaxation. I also liked the fact this hotel has an older, more mature crowd. There is not a bunch of teenagers and wild partiers hanging out here and that is a good thing. It was pristine and upscale and the clientele matched.

The hotel is located 2300 Ships Mechanic Row, near the cruise ship terminal,in the historic district. To reach the hotel you would enter Galveston from I-45 South and stay on it until you go over the huge bridge that will turn into Broadway, the main road in Galveston. You can turn on 25th street and then onto Mechanics Row and you’ll see the hotel.

Downtown Galveston is very small and cramped with limited parking majority of spaces along the streets. Most of the parking is metered and you’ll need to pay. The only bonus is you can walk anywhere in this district because it is very close.
The hotel is majestic and beautiful and when you arrive you are greeted by very friendly valet.

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Making the reservation

was simple I just went online to their website and booked. You can call the hotel with questions and they don’t transfer you to some 800 number for reservations. They assist you with any help you need and upon check in they just asked for my picture ID and credit card. When booking I recommend you get a package that includes valet because it can range from 25.00 a day and up. You will need the valet as it is a great time saver and parts of downtown are rough and I wouldn’t want the worry of my car’s safety. The lobby of the hotel is gorgeous with a light and airy feel. It’s not a huge hotel but that added to the charm, making it feel welcoming and warm. The lobby is complete with sitting areas, a small bar, a piano section and a Starbucks café. Yes there is a Starbucks inside this hotel, I was in awe!!!

starbuck in hotel tremont

Normally I would get a room with a King sized bed but since I was staying with my grandmother we got a room with 2 queen beds. The rate was reasonable but it can get pricy depending on season and local events. We took a very nice see through glass elevator up to our room. You can enjoy the beauty of the lobby and hotel while you’re waiting in the elevator. How classy is that? The halls were just amazing, there was so much attention to detail. The door knobs, the fabrics they use, adornments and the styling were all sheik and had a Nantucket feel.

hotel tremont galveston inside image

I was already loving the hotel from what I had seen so far but when we entered our room I was ready to marry this hotel. The room was spectacular and divine and those details that were all over the hotel and hallways just overflowed in this room. It was so inviting and lovely, I immediately felt at home and my grandmother smiled so big and commented “well this is no motel 6”. The first thing I noticed were the plush beds loaded with the works from a perfect mattress, layers of sheets and bedding and big fluffy pillows. I wanted to dive right in for a nap but the 78 year old with me (my grandmother) was on a mission to explore.

image of th e tremont room in galveston

This room had huge picture windows

that allowed tons of natural light but with enough drapes to hide it while sleeping. The only downside for me about the hotel and room was the view is awful. The hotel is literally surrounded by old dilapidated buildings and power lines. So when you look out your window you don’t see water but brick and an alley way. The lack of views didn’t bother me that much because the room and hotel were so nice but an ocean view would have put this hotel over the top. The room had a cozy sitting area and nice TV and the bathroom came with an oversized tub stocked with goodies. We also had free Wifi access during our stay. I really can’t stop gushing about how much I love this room and décor. It just gave me an incredible peaceful feeling. I am definitely booking another date with this room because of the inspired feeling it evoked.

The room in The tremont

window view hotel the thremont galveston

hotel the tremont amenities

bathroom in tremont galveston

After settling in our room it was time to explore the hotel…..

Everyone was talking about a rooftop bar so we decided to check it out. I found out that the bar is closed on Sunday and Monday. It was relaxing with a distinct laid back feel. You can see all of the historical district and Port of Galveston from the roof. The breeze was very nice and it’s a great spot to grab a bit of fresh air.

a rooftop bar view galveston

We were off to continue exploring the hotel and the area. On our way out I noticed a small gym. It wasn’t fancy and just had basic equipment. I also noticed a conference room that was very polished and well laid out. Now that meeting room looked impressive as far as meeting rooms go.

a conference room in the tremont hotel

When touring hotels I usually always run to the pool or hot tub so I can envision how I’m going to relax later. Sad to report this hotel did not have a pool or hot tub. The front desk manager saw me wondering around lost like a little puppy and asked what was wrong. I explained my plight about the pool and he said “no worries” I have a solution!!! He informed me they have a sister hotel, Hotel Galvez and all the guests staying at Tremont can use any of the facilities at their larger hotel. Wow, what a bonus! He gave me a list of all the luxurious amenities that the partnering hotel offered. It had a pool, Jacuzzi, a spa retreat salon, restaurant and tons more. So that was extra awesome I thought I get 2 hotel amenities with the price of one visit. Then he told me they have a courtesy shuttle that would take us there complimentary. I was just amazed and excited and well my granny she was tickled pink to put into her words.

We decided to go sightseeing downtown

because normally people head straight to the seawall and we had to familiarize ourselves with what this district had to offer.

We noticed a big sign by the railroad that read: “Baywatch Dolphin Tours” and so we went out on the little boat and had an amazing time watching dolphins play and chase boats.

After that we wanted to catch an early dinner before it got too busy. I saw a huge wooden sail boat and noticed the neighboring restaurant called Fisherman’s Wharf. We sat outside and admired the Gulf views and breeze and ordered our dinner. The seafood was fresh and tasty and not overly pricy.

enjoying galveston

sea food dinner in galveston restaurant fisherman wharf

After that we went right next door to a famous street in Galveston called “The Strand”. There are the coolest, craziest and most eclectic shops you’ll ever see located all in this area. There is definitely something for everyone.

After all the shopping and walking we were both ready for a good night’s rest and besides that bed has been calling my name since we met. Might I add that was the most restful sleep anyone could ask for.

The next morning we opted to get an early start and decided to pass on hotel breakfast but they do offer a full menu that can be ordered through room service. I had heard about a trip back in time at a little diner called Star Drug Store. It was a spot the locals frequent and decorated perfectly with 1950’s soda shop nostalgic memories. They serve a big breakfast menu, burgers and old time favorites like malts and shakes.

restaurant in galveston

Two other places we visited and enjoyed were deli and bakeries.

The Sunflower bakery also serves a healthier breakfast menu but has an enormous bakery counter with fresh breads, pastries and cookies to take with you. We bought coffee cake and shortbread cookies to go from there and it was tasty. Another hidden must try gem is Shykatz bakery and they change the desserts daily andits just the most homemade decadence you’ll ever taste.

We proceeded to roam the island and came across a very cool truck called Duck Boat Tours. It was one of those vehicles that can be driven on land and then had motors so it can also be used as a boat. The tour was funny and very informative. It takes you around the entire island/bay and gives you a full history about Galveston, the founding families, hurricanes and the haunted parts of the island. From that tour we learned about a mansion called Bishop’s Palace. We immediately went there and it was grand and eerie but very nice. We took a full tour there too. They give you an audio tape to listen to when you tour that tells you all about the home and the family. If you’re a history buff this will be perfect for you.

After a long day exploring the island

we had a light dinner at McAlister’s Deli which we took to go and ate in our hotel room. We just kicked back the rest of the night enjoying the room and TV soaking up the décor.

The next morning we did order room service and they were yummy Banana Fosters waffles, eggs, bacon and crispy potatoes. The breakfast was plentiful and good.

breakfast at the tremont galveston

the tremont house breakfast


Our last day we decided to visit the sister hotel

and hang out at their gorgeous pool and soak in the Jacuzzi (remember that’s a free perk). Even though Tremont doesn’t have onsite pool it was ok because the other hotel is not far and I really enjoyed the peacefulness of our location and room.

I went to check out and it was simple, just turn in the keys.

The staff here was extremely friendly and offered me numerous tips and suggestions should I want to return to the hotel. They said there is a festival in December that people come far and wide to see called “Dickens on the Strand”. It’s reminiscent 19th century Victorian London reenactment of the era but set at Christmas time.

I can’t tell you how much I adored this hotel. Maybe it’s a matter of taste but I really appreciate the attention to small details. From the high quality coffee in our room, to the fabulous bed and décor, they didn’t skimp on anything and the service was perfect. I thought the rooftop bar was unique feature and it was very convenient to all the local shops, just a walk away. The views from the rooms were not great but you can go down to the beach to get a better water view. I thought the beauty of the hotel made of for lack of views. If you are looking for a quiet place with a bit more sophistication than others, this is the best choice. I will be back because I started a love affair with the fantastic rooms and I don’t think I can stay away too long.