Write a Hotel Review

We are seeking hotel reviewers! And we pay for each published review.

How that sounds?

Here is the deal. make sure to read this review so you can see what we’re after. Have you read it from top to bottom? Great. Now, if you are confident in your English writing skills, and if you have visited any hotels lately (No B&B’s , no Motels) you are free to submit the review and for each published review we will pay $10. Why writing review on Yelp and Trip Advisor for free when you can get paid at Nanovor?

Editorial Guidelines (very important)

Before You Start Reviewing Checklist:

This will be the process you follow before you begin writing for the site

Did you receive an email from Word Press confirming your account?

Did you confirm your Word Press account and set up your user account? The bio you create will appear on your author page on the site

Reviewing  Checklist:

This checklist will guide you to writing an acceptable review for Nanovor

Is your content conversational and non-promotional in nature?

Is it 500 to 700 words? (it is okay if more)

Do you have at least 1 outbound link? (An outbound link links to an external site)

Do you have at least 1 link to a Nanovor article? (if you cannot find anything to link to it’s ok, leave it to editors)

Do you have at least 5 images of hotel (this can be food, view, rooms, pool etc..), taken by you?

Does it have a simple conclusion paragraph? (overall thoughts on hotel)

Have you submitted star ratings at the end of the article?


To apply to become a hotel reviewer please contact us at editor@nanovor.com